About MEGATravelDeal.sg


MEGATravelDeal.sg is owned and operated by Megaline Travel Pte Ltd. We are Singapore based Travel Agency with License No. TA01287 (Megaline Travel Pte Ltd), and Singapore registered company UEN 200306300. 

Starting MEGATravelDeal.sg was our way to share timely and affordable travel deals with you. Since pamplets is expensive, and classified ads on newspaper probably won't reach you, MEGATravelDeal.sg is structured to craft out fortnightly timely deals with the most reasonable pricetag you can find in the market. It helps that we are not the mid-man deals site. We are a Travel Agency by itself.

Why go for Travel Agencies when you can DIY book your own travel? 

In the age of the internet, it seems that travel agencies are an obsolete business. Actually, if you understand how the travel industry works, you will understand why that statement is not true. There are two ways to travel cheap; DIY book your own travel, or go for an special offer deal by an travel agency who get agent rates. There is, however, only one way to travel cheap and safe - travel agencies. Any reliable Travel agents would make sure that your travel experience will go well as planned.

When your flight is delayed; you need to change your flight date when you are overseas, you have Travel agents covering your back. Of course, there are always ways you can get by without a travel agent. Gone are the days when Travel Agencies charged exorbitantly high price for their services. Now, we charge reasonable amount of service fee as you can get by doing DIY bookings. The same price range, but with a personalized reliable coverage.. ;) 

The usual vision, mission, goals? Nah, we just want to do good travel deals. We are in the service industry, and you are buying an experience. 

Doing good travel deals. Timely fortnightly, and cheap affordable deals. Travel is an experience, and we want to be part of your travel experience, the invisible experience where you don't know we are there because everything has been planned so well. Okay it's chim, but I think you get it. That's our vision, mission and goal. If you have kind words (or not-so-kind-critical-words) for us, please send us a email to feedback about our service. That will help us march towards our goal. 

Lastly, Thank you for reading till the end of this page. Always good to have people wanting to know what we do, and who we are.
Happy Traveling!

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

<3 from all of us